The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Used Car

Posted Monday, Jun 03, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Used Car: Tips from Automax of Indiana

When you invest in a used car from Automax of Indiana, you’re getting a high-quality vehicle that’s been thoroughly inspected and maintained. However, like any vehicle, regular maintenance is key to ensuring its longevity and performance. In this blog post, we’ll share some essential tips to help you keep your used car running smoothly for years to come.

1. Regular Oil Changes

Oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. Regular oil changes are crucial for maintaining engine health and performance. It’s generally recommended to change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on your driving habits and the type of oil used. Check your car’s owner manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Keep an Eye on Fluid Levels

In addition to engine oil, your car relies on several other fluids to operate effectively. These include transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid. Regularly check these fluid levels and top them off as needed. Low fluid levels can lead to significant issues and costly repairs.

3. Tire Maintenance

Your tires are the only part of your car that touches the road, so maintaining them is essential for safety and performance. Regularly check your tire pressure and tread depth. Properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency and handling, while adequate tread depth ensures good traction. Rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to promote even wear.

4. Brake Checks

Your car’s brakes are crucial for your safety. Pay attention to any signs of brake wear, such as squeaking or grinding noises, a soft brake pedal, or longer stopping distances. Have your brakes inspected regularly, and replace brake pads and rotors as needed to ensure they function properly.

5. Battery Care

A dead battery can leave you stranded. Regularly check your battery terminals for corrosion and clean them if necessary. Make sure the battery is securely mounted and free of damage. Most car batteries last between three to five years, so consider replacing your battery if it’s nearing the end of its lifespan.

6. Regular Inspections

While some car maintenance tasks can be done at home, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by a professional regularly. At Automax of Indiana, we offer comprehensive vehicle inspections to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems. Regular inspections can save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs.

7. Keep It Clean

Keeping your car clean both inside and out not only makes it more enjoyable to drive but also helps preserve its value. Regularly wash and wax the exterior to protect the paint and prevent rust. Clean the interior to prevent wear and tear on the upholstery and dashboard. A well-maintained car looks better and can command a higher resale value.

8. Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Your car’s owner manual includes a recommended maintenance schedule from the manufacturer. This schedule outlines when to perform specific maintenance tasks based on your car’s mileage and age. Following this schedule is one of the best ways to keep your car in top condition.


By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your used car from Automax of Indiana remains reliable and performs well for years to come. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your vehicle but also enhances safety and efficiency.

At Automax of Indiana, we’re here to help with all your car maintenance needs. Our experienced technicians can handle everything from oil changes and brake inspections to comprehensive vehicle inspections and repairs. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment or to learn more about our inventory of high-quality used cars in Mishawaka.