• Justin Roland Brunes

    Excellent service here! Very happy with my 2018 Mercedes CLA purchase! The car is in great mechanical shape and I drove it for work nearly 1,000 miles in the first couple of weeks of owning it. Kal is a top notch guy!

  • Amahirani Jacuinde

    Kal and his family were amazing! This was my first time buying a car on my own and they helped me through the whole process. They made it very easy for me and explained it all to me.

  • Betty Deans


  • Marc Winphrie

    They were awesome. As this was my first car they worked with me to make sure I got what I needed more than wanted. Very helpful in my process!!!

  • Aaron Barrier

    They went above and beyond to make sure I was confident with my decision but also to make the whole process comfortable. The whole family was super nice and I'm very happy with my purchase!

  • tawny milliser

    Great service, would definitely recommend, it’s been great working with them, they go above and Beyond also being a female they were very helpful and didn’t just try to sell

  • Tim Gillies

    We had a good experience buying from them for our daughters first car. Easy to work with and seems so far that Its a good little car. Very friendly owner and they weren't pushy by any means. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future!

  • Matt Kennedy

    This was by far one of the best car buying experiences I ever had! I found a great car at a fair price. Easy test drive and worked with my lender no issues. I found a couple small issues with the car, things I should have caught before purchasing, and they fixed it no problem. Just awesome customer service! I highly recommend Automax of Indiana and they will be my go to the next time I need a vehicle!

  • Dustin Welin

    Great family business! Upfront and honest and helpful. Good folks!

  • Kate Gleva

    My fiance and I couldn't be anymore thankful in the help they gave us. they are such genuine and caring people.we had a great experience so if your looking for somewhere to lease a car from you won't be disappointed.

  • Nathaniel Spaller

    Run by very kind and considerate people. The test driving and buying experience went smoothly. I did have some mechanical issues with my vehicle shortly after purchasing it, but they did everything they could and made it right. I would do business with them again.

  • Frank Winquist

    Great people, very friendly, easy to work with, pleasurable experience, great deals Highly recommend

  • Light Skys

    I stopped by for my first car they were very helpful and very understanding. I worked with Zaid, he explained credit and financing to me like it was never explained before! Now i know where to go and what to do. I LOVE MY BMW!

  • Raymond Satterblom

    Great to work with and a very simple sales procedure. The car I purchased was in great shape and I am very happy with my purchase. They offered to fix almost anything that I may have a concern about during my first month. No help needed as the car is running very well.

  • Tam

    Oh my goodness,l This dealership is a gem!! I ran across the company during a search for my forever car. Not only did they meet my expectations, they exceeded them. Everything from the cleanliness of the lot and all of the vehicles, to the professional, courteous and knowledgeable owners. No high pressure sales, the cars speak for themselves. My only regret- I didnt find this company during my previous car searches/purchases. 5 stars! High 5's! Kudos! I'm an extremely happy and satisfied customer.

  • Shakera Walker

    This is a really great car company they make sure you are happy and satisfied they really make sure leave with a smile

  • John Ruhulessin

    I bought my scion xb from automax, really a fantastic experience! Super friendly, I had challenged credit and they were able to make it happen for me! I highly recommend automax! Thanks again guys!

  • frankie winquist

    Great people, very nice and friendly Family business, very welcoming highly recommended

  • Dani Parra

    Looked around in many dealerships for a car, but nothing compared to Melissa and Cal’s help. They were very friendly and helpful and made the process really easy and simple. Found a great car, would definitely recommend!

  • Spence England

    It's been over fifteen years since I bought a car from a dealer. This past spring we bought a clean 2013 Ford Edge. After almost nine months It's been a jem. No issues at all. We've taken it on several long country trips and it has performed well. The biggest thing for me was how great the owners were to us to work with us and help us find a fit. It was the best we've ever been treated at a dealership.

  • Envoy Hodgson

    They recently sold my younger brother a car and the professionalism that came with it was great! Made my life 100 times easier. He cared about his credit not dropping , made sure he picked a reasonable car. Even started teaching him smart tactics he’ll need to know and learn in life . Fantastic family business and would want to walk exactly in their footsteps ! RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE

  • Yolonda Kiiskila

    I wanted a Kia Soul as my next car and on their lot they had a 2013 Kia Soul and in the color I wanted and at a great price. I also got a 2 year warranty. Kal and his son Zaid were exceptional in selling me this car and I highly recommend Automax of Indiana on Jefferson.

  • Chris Owsianowski

    I would Highly recommend them, everyone there is helpful and made buying a car seamless!

  • Dave Sears

    Excellent service and car! These guys went above and beyond to help us as an out of town buyer! They were fantastic!

  • Megan Pryde

    I love my vehicle that I got from Automax! Cal was very pleasant and easy to work with. He didn't pressure me at all. The only dealership in the area that didn't call me back an harass me. The vehicle I got was in excellent condition. It was just a few years old, It had low miles, and was priced great! The process was quick. I feel like I got a great value on my vehicle overall. It was a good experience. I would do business with Automax again.

  • David Murray

    Melissa, Cal… what can I say!!!! Above and beyond for my sons first car!!! They are so nice, sweet, honest and really really care that you feel right at home… Melissa, Cal buckle up!!! We have 5 more kids going to need cars!!! We will be back!!!

  • Amber Landrum

    Great customer service, they helped a lot and are very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend them and also buy from them again, very polite, honest, and trustworthy!

  • Paul O'Hara

    Awesome people who go the extra mile. They even drove the car to my preferred shop to get it checked out before buying. Zaid, Melissa, and Cal are awesome and extremely good people. If you see a car that you like, you can be confident that they will take care of you. Super easy process with them. Thanks again!

  • Heather Saltzman

    My son bought his Audi there and it was awesome experience. They are so laid back, easy to talk too, organize, professional and nice. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a used vehicle to go check them out!